Bike templates
Supported Brands
2018 MXS Bike Templates
Suzuki Graphics (cutout) by kylehoward118
KTM 16/17/18 (cutouts) by yannbourguignon
2017 MXS Bike Templates
Ceico Honda (cutout) 'by cyril141
RC Graphics Yamaha by NKarassy955
MotoMods Yamaha YZ125 by MarshDylan_
Privateer & Moto1 by James Parkin #77
YZ Black & White by lintang59
Suzuki RMZ by vortexracingleader
Flo Yellow Suzuki by James Parkin #77
BikeGraphix RMZ by broland278
Joe Gibbs Racing Suzuki (cutouts) by cyril141
Suzuki MX2 Cutout by JNeedham301
Red Bull KTM (cutout) by Oliver352
TLD/Red Bull/GoPro/KTM-2 (cutout) by cyril141
KTM Blue by lintang59
KTM (cutout) by jukabalamx94
Troy Lee Washougal (cutout) by Cyril141
Husqvarna 250-350-450 (png's) by yamaha#521
Husqvarna 2-Strokes by yannbourguignon
Red Label Husky (cutout) by DL.17
Husky GP Rockstar by MOTOZ293
2016 MXS Bike Templates
15 bikes (cutouts) by JakeT3
Big Release (cutouts) by byrd55621
Honda GFX stock (cutout) by dirtmonkey63
Honda CR125 by Beast2013
Honda Geico CR125 by Lewis Lynds
Factory Honda Replica (cutout) by Oliver352
Yamaha YZ & YZF by Romain762
YZ125/250 (cutouts) by john23
15-16 Yamaha Plan by vortexracingleader
YOT 2 strokes by yzmxer608
YZF Dr.D Plain by yzmxer608
Mobius/Thousand Oaks (cutouts) by KGonzalez
Custom Yamaha (cutout) by AHeckman2
Updated Yamaha Parts by Mack Spokes
YZF Fammx Revo by MOTOZ293
YZF Retro (1991) by James Parkin #77
WSD Yamaha (cutout) by Pushin The Limits
Cycle Trader Yamaha (cutout) by Aaron Hall
Kawi KXF by paulr093
Bud Racing Kawi by GustavoMX930
Custom Privateer Kawi by stocksy129
Jay Parts by Eddie Ozel
Monster Energy Kawi by Lewis Lynds
Suzuki RMZ by MX Designs
MXSD Flo by Mv71fischer
Custom RMZ Kit by Motolife_99
Makita Suzuki by Lewis Lynds
WSD Suzuki (cutout) by Pushin The Limits
Husqvarna v.2 (mods) by Conceptgraff-GSK
Husqvarna v.2 Blend by Conceptgraff
Husky cutout updated v.2 by Tristan.Botteram
Revo Hitachi Husky (cutout) by hopwood126
Husky 2 Stroke (motor,jm,uv) by Mack Spokes
Husky Graphics by MOTOZ293
Husqvarna 2 Stroke by VitalHorizon42
MXGP Rockstar Husky's (cutout) by yamaha#521
2015 MXS Bike Templates
Mixed Bikes (png's) by Tooh't
Mixed Bag (cutouts) by LenawayMX119
Uzick's Mixed BR (cutouts) by nickuzick
2015 Honda (png) by Beast2013
Honda (Fat Bar & FMF) by vortexracingleader
CR 125 Cycra by MXS Designs
2015 Yamaha by ExtremeManiac
YZ125 by Benjii_D
Retro YZ by Motolife_99
Yamaha JGR (cutout) by motolife_99
2015 Kawasaki by frankie
2015 Kawasaki Graphics (png) by Thom349
2015 Kawasaki by joelrangerjames22
Josh Hansen Kawasaki by Lenaway119
Chase Bell Kawi by Gustavo
Deco Decals Kawasaki by daniel_125
Alias Kawi (cutout) by wellzee793
Privateer Kawi by nickuzick
2015 Suzuki by Beast2013
RMZ Template by daffernn
Fusion Graphics Lazer (cutout) by BcMxKx37
RMZ update by aeffertz
2015 KTM by kieranktm386
Limited Decal by jason_pama
OneFiveSeven KTM by nickuzick
TMFR TM cutout by Frankie / GDD / TM_Infidel
2015 Husqvarna (with mods) by frankie
2015 Husqvarna (stock) by frankie
Tagger Designs Husky's (png's) by Rab
Bud Racing Husky's (png's) by Martini 3
2014 MXS Bike Templates
Decal Works T-12 Mix by jason_pama
KTM's & Suzuki Mix by MXKID857
Suz/Hon/Kawi Mix by Gustavo
Honda CRF by WellsMX524
CRF Cutout by nickuzick
CR125 Hybrid by Boblob801
CR 125 Hybrid by banderson440
Honda Geico by CTH Design
Race Speed Honda by jason_pama
'14 YZF by ExtremeManiac
YZF Cutout - 2 by ExtremeManiac
YZF Cutout by vortexracingleader
YZ 125 Cutout by YZF-Mark
180 Decals Yamaha by Gasque363
KXF template & blend by ExtremeManiac
KXF Cutout by MXDisign'S
Mixed Kawi's by Jason Pama
Two Two Motorsports (png) by Cummings55
RMZ template update by ABRacing 18
RMZ Cutouts by Adam Crews
Adept Suzuki by KTM57
FSK Suzuki by kawino20
Suzuki RCH by MXDesigns
KTM Static M Designs by maxamus363
KTM Limited Decal by jason_pama
TMFR TM Cutout v2 by Jre / TM_Infidel
Husaberg 125 by Kording
2013 MXS Bike Templates
CRF450 (+ blend) by T-RIDER
CRF450 (update) by Thom349
Pro Circuit Honda by Ryan_Tate172
Wells Racing Honda by WellsMX524
Prospect Designs by honda boy 326
EJ Designs Yamaha by FALETTI480
V YZF's (cutouts) by Coco #194
YZ Kit (cutout) by Gideon#67
Privateer Yamaha's by iNoScope
RMZ250/450 by Attacker
RMZ (cut outs) by Coco #194
RM250 Hybrid by T-RIDER
RMZ (cut outs) by Ohagan75
180 Decals by Robert196
Davi Millsaps RMZ by madsG#71
Crisp Graphics by Scotty226
DC Suzuki by DCreedz#523
Wells Racing Suzuki by WellsMX524
Prospect Designs by honda boy 326
Eleven10 Mods by motochris192 (cutout)
KX125 by MX Team 24120
SXF 250/450 by Attacker
Jeffrey Herlings 250F by goudbeekie
MXSoN + OB KTM by Gustavo
2012 - 1980 Bike Templates
CR125/250R by mx team 24120
PC & Yosh CRF by DJ99X
RS 4D Honda by ktmRider269
CR125 Cutout by Tristan.Botteram
YZ250F by DJ99X
YZF's by Coco #194
YZ125-1985 by Kamloops
YZF Parts by scotty226
YZ250 by ja2moto
YZ Premixers by yzmxer608
RMZ250/450 by Attacker
RM250 1992 Hybrid by suzukiozark
KX250F by stevoktm
SX 250 by p2sta
125 SX 2006 by Jre
Gear templates
Fox, Thor, One, Alias, Shift, Astar, Fly etc..
2018 MXS Gear Templates
Fly Hydrogen by carter_source47
TLD SE Collection by xdustin513x
2017 MXS Gear Templates
Alias 2017.5 MX by silverskate
Alias A2 Vented by funkychicken
ANSR Alpha by KTM57
ANSR Syncron by KTM57
Fly F16-Hydro-Evolution by Five5One Designs
Fly Racing Hydrogen by MxWayGamer
Shift Gear by Matias43_
Shift Mix by Tooh't
Thor Fit Prime Rohl by xdustin513x
Thor Fuse by xdustin513x
Thor Pulse by Ohagan75
TLD Starburst by Dumbbelly29
UFO 40th Anniversay by Five5One Designs
Vexea MX by silverskate
2016 MXS Gear Templates
Alias by Bryce#313
Alias A1, A2 by silverskate
Fasthouse by kieranktm386
Fly Evolution 2.0 Code by xdustin513x
Fly Kinetic Mesh by xdustin513x
Fox 360 by MXDesigns
Fox Flexair by MXDesigns
FXR Clutch by MXDesigns
Oneal Hardware Flow by xdustin513x
Oneal Mayhem Glitch by xdustin513x
Shot Contact by xdustin513x
Shift Faction by Ohagan75
Thor Prime Fit by Matias43_
Thor Prime Tach by Five5One Designs
TLD Stars & Stripes by G_Monaay147
2015 MXS Gear Templates
Aerial MXS Wear by Diego Guevara
Alias A1 by silverskate
Alias A2 by silverskate
Alpinestars Techstar by TM_Infidel & Tooh't
Answer Elite by Hunter Poarch
Fazed MX by Blake_901
Flowtech Gear by tymx33
Fly Kinect Mesh by JJM#938
Fox 180 Camo by silverskate
Fox 180 Vandal by Scotty226
Fox 180 by Scotty226
Fox Marz by Jsemmens1997
Fox Pack by silverskate
Fox Pack by Aaron Hall
Kenny Track Gear by Ohagan75
KTM Factory Hoodie by MOTOZ293
One Industries Gear by vortexracingleader
PULL IN Gear by conceptgraff & coco
Seven MX by Alvo52
Shift Assault by kieranktm386
Shift Gear by MXDesigns
Shift SE Gear by joelrangerjames22
Shot Race Gear by Chauchaud
Thor Retro by silverskate
Thor Retro by AntonioPallares
TLD Galaxy/Cheetah by silverskate
TLD Ouija by silverskate
2014 MXS Gear Templates
Gear Skinning Pack by Boblob801
Adidas Hoodies by iNoScope
Alpinestar Techstar by Jeremy150
Answer Alpha by Leopold Gorin
AXO by MX Disign'S
Fox 180 HC Rockstar by GregDearman
Fox 180 Anthem by Hunter381
Fox 360 Flight by motomaniak
Fox 360 Given by KTM57
Fox Flight by m121c
Fox Forzaken by Jsemmens1997
Fox Given Gear by geecomonster
Fox Glen Helen Gear by kieranktm386
Fox Intake by Coco #194
One Industries Atom V.One by Ronny_Rocket
Seven Gear by GOON-916
Shift Strike by maxamus363
Shift by MX Disign'S
Shot Edge by Romain762
Thor Core n' Slice by Coco #194
Thor Volcom Aloha by silverskate
Thor by MX Disign'S
TLD + Customs by conceptgraffmxs
TLD GP Air by conceptgraffmxs
TwistMoto Racing by twistmoto
UFO Misty by Romain762
2013 MXS Gear Templates
Acerbis Frevo by PONZA77
Answer Skullcandy by madsG#71
ANSR Skullcandy by louis cocquet
Fly F16 by Brina
Fox 180 HC by suzukiozark
Fox 360 KTM Gear by BrutalMX
Jacket/Freeride by Meckazz
Kenny Racing by MXDesigns
MSR NXT Slash by twistmoto
One Industries Defon by NAUpoiss75
Scott 350 series by M@xTizZz
Shift Assault by Thom349
Shift Faction Skylab by Funny Comeback
Shift Faction by MxEliit
Shift Strike by m121c
Thor Coil by 760Liam
Thor Core 13 by Jbert524
Thor Sentinel by Boblob801
Thor Streak by aaronr5
TLD GP Mirage by m121c
TLD DC Shoes by Thom349
2012 - 1980 Gear Templates
Fox Vertigo by aeffertz
Fox Vortex by Crossman35
Moose m1 by pulse
No Fear MX Rogue by Phathry
Ricoo Th01 by p2sta
Shift Faction Camo by giopanda
Thor Flux by p2sta
TLD SE Pro Corse by chimere
TLD SE Pro Corse by M@xTizZz
Helmet templates
Shoei, AVG, TLD, One, 6D, Shift etc..
2018 MXS Helmet Templates
2016-17 MXS Helmet Templates
6D 16-17 Helmets by Ohagan75
Arai VXpro 4 - blend by mx985
Bell Moto 9 - 2 - 3 - 4 by mx985
Bell Moto 9 Custom by Five5One Designs
Bell Moto 9 + GoPro5 by Mcguire103
Bell Moto 9 Husqvarna by Five5One Designs
Fox V4 by Tistan.Botteram
Shoei VFX-W by vortexracingleader
Shoei Scott Prospect by Motocross375
2015 MXS Helmet Templates
6D Helmets by Ohagan75
Airoh Aviator - blend by p2sta/KTM57
TLD SE3 by Benjii_D
TLD SE3 / Airbrakes by Motolife_99
2014 MXS Helmet Templates
6D Cutout by Ohagan75
Bell Moto 9 by mx985
Fox V4 Rockstar by Tooh't
Fox V4 Skins by Benjii_D
2013 MXS Helmet Templates
AVG AV8 by Yahama7
Shoei by Thom349
Shoei VFX-W by yFMX
TLD Predator by Coco #194
TLD SE3 by bmartin34
2012 - 1980 Helmet Templates
Airoh by Suzuki5
Bell Moto 9 by tyskorn
EVS Vortex T7 by p2sta
EVS Vortex T7 by p2sta
Shift Faction Camo by giopanda
Shoei VFX-W by NAUpoiss75
Thor Force by p2sta
TLD SE2 by mace-x
TLD SE3 by bmartin34
Misc. templates
Boots, Gloves, Chest Protectors, Goggles etc..
2018 Misc. MXS Templates etc..
2016-17 Misc. MXS Templates etc..
Alpinestars Tech 10 BWY by Daniel Cooper
Dunlop MX32 Wheels by Alex Tee
LitPro by mxismo
Alpinestars Tech10 & LE by Tiago Freitas
Matrix A2 Stand by michael30
Fasthouse Gloves by eddie ozel
Gaerne SG12 Boots by GlebVolkov
31 Butt Patches by M@xTizZz
LKI Gloves by CrossFlow Racing#16
RXR Bullet & Pro by Aurel Batude
Oakley Airbrakes v.3 by vortexracingleader
MotoSeat's by Aaron Hall
Gaerne Boots by GOON-916
FMF Pitboard by KalleGarpedal347
Suzuki Motoseat by Mack Spokes
FMF Pitboard by KalleGarpedal347
M2 Worx Stand by Benjii
Misc. MXS Templates
100% Goggles by cross17
Atlas Brace by m121c
Atlas Carbon Series by Hunter Poarch
Deft Gloves by yFMX
EVSF1 Chest Protector by supercross771
Gaerne SG12 colors by NAUpoiss75
Jett Boots by Grizz
TCX Pro 2.1 by Aurel Batude
Thor Sentinel by Boblob801
Von Zipper Goggles by staminaco38
Semi Rig by SMR510RR & Barrington
Semi Rig updated by SMR510RR
UFO Reactor 2 by Sandhapper
Pit Board by ktmRider269
Gaerne SG12 Boots by NAUpoiss & p2sta
100% Accuri Goggles by Ronny_Rocket
100% Gloves by Railin' N Trailin'
Pro Circuit Ti-5 by Boblob801
Yosh RS-9 by Boblob801
Rocket Exhaust by Ronny_Rocket
Fox Instinct Boots by Ohagan75
Fox Instinct Boots by Atom6246
ODI handlebars by blaster70
Fox Proframe Cutout by suzuki155
Oakley Airbrakes by vortexracingleader
Mika Metal Barpads by Gasque363
Yoshimura RS 4 by MotoX745
Jett Boots by MXDesigns
Pitboards by wellzee793
Mixed Tach's by wahlamt
Diamond Gloves by vonhooseondon
Fox Marz Gloves by Jsemmes1997
V4 Helmet .Obj by Benjii_D
Atlas Air by Benjii_D
Novik Gloves T.E.C. by dbaum25moto
GET Laptimer V2 by samma64
Buttpatch Pack1 by mikie166
Loretta Lynn Bib by Ohagan75
Matrix Stand by Jack Jeffries
rider models by p2sta
Exhaust Blender Pack by RAYDesigns
EKS Goggles by vortexracingleader
Deft Family Gloves by Maxou712
Resource links / Mixed Bag
Nineonenine - website
Misc PSD's hosted by MX Online.Fr
Number Sets by daniel_125
Bike Jig / Pivots by Boblob801

Edit / create your own skins for MXS from these templates and give credit to the creator's who have generously provided them when you release them.

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