2016-17 AMA Supercross Series tracks
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2017 TM Racing Factory Team (MX2-MXGP) - Actual
MX2 250Fi Rider: Samuele Bernardini #321 - Italy
MX2 250Fi Rider: Anton Gole #297 - Sweden
MXGP 450Fi Rider: N/A
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The philosophy that has always distinguished TM is without doubt the choice of materials, which must always be of the highest quality, and the workmanship, even defined by some as “obsessive”, not to mention the high performance of the engines used on the standard bikes, in many cases far superior to those of its most prestigious competitors.
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450Fi: TM_Infidel #122 Management - Australia
2017 TM Factory-Racing (TMFR) Team Members
450Fi: Rayvenator (Christoffer Jönsson #385) Team Captain - Sweden
450Fi: Big Smooth One3 (Justin Smedley #304) - USA
450Fi: (Markus Olsson #231) - Sweden
350Fi: (Melker Simonsson #127) - Sweden
250Fi: Wahlamt - StorkenMXS (Kristoffer Wenerklang #959) - Sweden
250Fi: Manii20 (Alanas Šaulys #29) - Lithuania
450Fi (Arminas Jasikonis #27) - Lithuania
250Fi (Jack Gatland #190) - Great Britain
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27 December 2016 - TM Infidel
News & updates on the newest MX game in development by LCQ Studios spearheaded by co-founders Michael Hodge & Alex Lewis and talented crew can be monitored via the link below and a permanent link above replacing the old MXB link. While you are over at LCQ don't forget to register and confirm your place on the scene for the future as the game is looking killer so far.
30 December 2016 - TM Infidel
TM Factory-Racing presents its 2017 MXS Supercross team. Thanks to Jre, Tooh't, p2sta, KTM57, Conceptgraff, Coco & G-D Designs. Click the pic to check out the 2017 sx teams lineup for the coming season.
9 January 2017 - TM Infidel
TM Factory-Racing presents the 2017 TM Racing 250-450Fi Stock 4-Strokes. Enjoy these classy stallions. Click for DL
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2017 AMA Supercross Series tracks
26 December 2016 - TM Infidel
2017 TM Racing EN (Enduro) 2-Strokes are now available to the public. There's a 125 & 250 plus a 530 2-Stroke Hybrid with new sounds. See if you can tame the beast if you're feeling up to it. Theres been a few euro enduro bikes released in mxsim so far and the TM range will cpmpliment those great additions. Many thanks to Jre for his continued support with TMFR who continues to create some of the best looking models seen in sim. Click "The Beast" for the download.
15 February 2017 - TM Infidel
2017 Husqvarna FC250-350-450 stock bikes ares are now available for download to the public. Click the pic to find the cutout, template, saf & jms. Thanks to Jay for his model and GSKracing for help on the Handguards. This puppy is ready to ride for the Husky lovers out there.
18 February 2017 - TM Infidel
Coco's SiDi Crossfire SRS2 boots are a work of art and one of the best looking pair of kickers on the scene. The template, jm & obj are now unleashed together with my personal colorways for the public to use. I hope to see them more often on the racing scene and on the box. Thanks Coco !!! - click pic for the dload. 
21 February 2017 - TM Infidel
Testing the NEW Arcade Physics by jlv for future MXS update 1.11 featuring some new mid air movements is turning out to be loads of fun. The rough and wild arcade style of riding is a great way to satisfy any retired or new blood out there looking to master a new animal soon on the scene which will require a different set of skills. All that's needed now is a new arcade (or open physics) racing series to support it and TMFR sponsor it ..peeps ???    
6 March 2017 - TM Infidel
2017 TM Factory-Racing Members Outdoor Team Pack including MX2 #321 Samuele Bernardini GP replica swag is now complete. Click 1st pic for the dload. This release is only for TMFR Members to use in online competition.
5 April 2017 - TM Infidel
2017 TM Racing stock 2-strokes are now available for public release. These wild stallions are a pleasure to re- create each year as part of our commitment to the TM Racing brand for all to enjoy. Order yours today ..click it
6 April 2017 - TM Infidel
Logan Leitzel TMFR EU Div pilot gettin jiggy wit it' at the TMFR Compound aboard the TM Factory SX Stallion. Logan has been having some great rides in a number of series so far in 2017 and is a future force to keep an eye on. If you don't already have the TMFR Compound created by checkerz you can grab it by the ears here
16 April 2017 - TM Infidel
TMFR Weapon of Choice - nuff said.
22 April 2017 - TM Infidel
Jre has approved some additional cc's for his classic 2013 Gas Gas EC Enduro 2T. Previously there was only an ec250 on the cr250 dyno when previously released and since there has been some new interest in Enduro bikes around the traps we thought why not. The update includes: EC125 (rm125), EC250 (250sx), EC300 (fc450) dyno with custom braap for the 300 to boost the GG livery. Many thanks to Jre and his insane talents. Click the pic for the d low yo:
26 April 2017 - TM Infidel
Jre’s very rare Special Edition Gas Gas 2t has to be one of the most admired creations never to be released.

Click the Black Widow to read more about this successful Fund Raiser
30 April 2017 - TM Infidel
Kording's Husaberg TE125 2t Enduro has been updated with a 250 & 300 added (with custom braap) plus a few tweaks and dyno updates. The model reeks quality and is definately one to keep in your sim library. The .psd is available in the templates section if you want to create your own skins. As the interest in Enduro bikes grows it will be sweet to see a series start for these in future. Long live the Euro bikes. Thank you Kording for your quality creations over the many years you have been involved in sim. The revival has begun. Click pic for the dload.
9 May 2017 - TM Infidel
TMFR introduces and welcomes its new AU Div (Australia & New Zealand) members to TM Factory-Racing consisting of: Logeyboy (Logan Heagney), TheBigLez (Josh Hamilton), podium1 (Jacob Hunger) & Clintos15 (Clint Martin) which will see the Div compete in the 2017 Outdoors series plus others currently in progress adding some additional firepower to the existing USA & EU Division's.
The AU update pack for outdoors is available here:
You will need the main TMFR USA & EU pack from the MXSGP series for the AU pack to work - This swag is for TMFR Members use only. Dload here to see us online:
30 April 2017 - TM Infidel
Flashback: The Aprilia files, psd & blends by Ryan Vickers, Kyle Daffern, GD Designs & TMFR are now available. Click pic 4 dload
11 May 2017 - TM Infidel
Our TMFR EU Division members have put together a cool vid showcasing the team swagger for Outdoors. Watch your six peeps, the Stallions are on the hunt. 
18 May 2017 - TM Infidel
Kording's quality Husaberg 2t source files are now available to the community. Its great to see these Euro gems remain a part of sim to help give the game more unique options to choice from. Would love to see a 4 stroke motor on it and some cool skins as Kord has done a fantastic job on this puppy, thank you. Click the pic for the dload.    
11 May 2017 - TM Infidel
MXGP Kegums fast lap by Logeyboy gunning the big 450 TM Stallion. 
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TMFR weapon of choice
1 June 2017 - TM Infidel
StorkenMXS #959 busting out some nice whips and crakin' barrel roll in his latest vid aboard the Factory TM.
31 May 2017 - TM Infidel
Castrol themed TM in the pipe for something diff. Gnarly FXR gear by silverskate
17 July 2017 - TM Infidel
After a couple of weeks off on holiday the pro shop links to all things good in Sim have been updated :)

Rayvenator, Wahlamt & Smedley have been busy running the fun TMFR Stopwatch Nationals Hotlap Competition where you challenge others over 6 rounds for the overall. Click the logo below to check it out and bring your "A" game:
16 August 2017 - TM Infidel
Its been a while since i've skinned anything lately but TMFR looks forward to competing in the 2017 Italian MXS Championship in September which will see the revamped team aboard some Castrol GTX (italian colored) themed TM's.

The Italian MXS Championship is a great series which gains more momentum and interest every year which is organised and hosted by Gabriele Grossi (honda23) from the RKI JayDeeSounds Italia Racing Team who has been behind the series 110% for a number of years and TMFR is pleased to be associated with it as an invitational sponsor. If you think you have what it takes to battke for the crown or ride for fun in this fierce Euro series against some of the fastest cats in sim be sure to keep tabs in the forum for the series announcement soon.
6 September 2017 - TM Infidel
Taking the Aprilia MXV450 out for a spin on the fast paced Bellpuig circuit before the heaven's open up.
Like a raging Bull this animal is always ready to remind you who's Boss.
21 September 2017 - TM Infidel
2018 TM Racing bikes sighted. New graphics and internal improvements to next years bikes are plentiful, the plastics and overall asthetics remain as previous years for the Sicilian bullet.

As the smallest manufacturer on the GP circuit the TM's are spearheaded by #321 Samuelle Bernardini (Italy) & #297 Anton Gole (Sweden) who will potentially contest the MX2 class together in '18. We may also see the mighty TM450 return to the premier MXGP class with #12 Max Nagl (Germany) aboard the big Stallion if things come together.

Time to fire up Photoshop and start skinning these gems which is an annual ritual at TMFR.
24 September 2017 - TM Infidel
P2sta's Airoh Aviator & GoPro4 are now included as one psd with jms & blend plus some orig files included such as scale fix & lods to keep them complete. I've also added KTM57's and my TMFR colorways @4096 in to the mix.
Click the pic for more info.
4 October 2017 - TM Infidel
2018 TM Racing stock stallion testing day at CDTW Monster Mountain.
8 October 2017 - TM Infidel
Castrol TM 2 strokes fun day at the mountain. Welcome MXGP sensation Arminas Jasikonis #27 to team TMFR.